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Viewer catches strange hidden detail while watching the movie 'Cocaine Bear': 'I had the same thought'

"Me watching Cocaine Bear when suddenly…"

Scene from the movie 'Cocaine Bear'

Photo Credit: u/politebearwaveshello / Reddit

"Cocaine Bear" is a comedic horror film about a 200-pound American black bear who gets into a copious amount of cocaine that fell from the sky during a drug-smuggling run gone wrong. The bear then goes on a gory, drug-fueled rampage, terrorizing people in the woods of Georgia, tearing them limb from limb — oh, and there's also this great example of a native plant lawn

That pretty much summed up the viewing experience for one person who headed to Reddit with their observation. The Redditor posted a frame from the movie in the subreddit r/NoLawns, with the caption, "Me watching Cocaine Bear when suddenly…" 

Me watching Cocaine Bear when suddenly…
by u/politebearwaveshello in NoLawns

The No Lawns community is all about that native plant life. The sub is for "anyone looking for an alternative to the boring grassy lawn," it explains in its "About" section. "No Lawns is a place where we encourage native species yards and moving away from a monoculture lawn."

What are native plants? 

Native plant species grow naturally in a specific region and have evolved with that area over thousands of years. 

There is a growing trend called re-wilding, which is the method of returning manicured grass lawns to a more natural state by installing native plants and grasses. Since native species have adapted to their region over time, they don't require as much water, fertilizer, or pesticides. That cuts down on maintenance time and costs while supporting the local ecosystem. 

Residential landscape irrigation is estimated to account for nearly nine billion gallons of water per day in America. Some experts estimate that about 50% of that is wasted due to evaporation, wind, and runoff. That's about 6,800 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of wasted water every day.  

Due to about half of the country currently experiencing drought conditions, many people are looking for ways to save water. Some states, like California, are even offering rebates for people who replace their grass lawns with more drought-tolerant plants. 

People appreciated the post from the Redditor. For one person, the native plant lawn was just the push they needed to watch the movie, saying, "Cocaine, a bear, and no lawn? Okay, I'm going to watch it." 

One user was on the same wavelength as the original poster, admitting, "lol I had the same thought." 

While another person simply comments, "Niiiice." 

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