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Boater jumps to action after witnessing disturbing scene caused by floating garbage: 'I wonder how long it's been out there'

"Thank you for saving them."

"Thank you for saving them."

Photo Credit: TikTok

It's clear that plastic pollution is a threat to our oceans. One boater took action after encountering a distressing scene — heroically saving a few fish along the way. 

Andriana_Marine (@andriana_marine) shared a video that demonstrates why preventing plastic from polluting our oceans is so important.

"On our boat the other day, we found this huge plastic milk crate floating around in the ocean, and there were a ton of fish stuck inside of it," she says.

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While most of the fish were small and easily removed from the crate, a larger triggerfish was sadly still trapped inside. Andriana attempted to gently remove it, but the fish's extended top fin presented a more difficult challenge. 

To free the fish, Andriana and her crew had to carefully cut the crate around it. Fortunately, the fish was alive, and the video shows its release into the ocean.

"That crate looks old. I wonder how long it's been out there," one commenter observed. 

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Unfortunately, not all fish are as lucky. National Geographic reported that there are "5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean." Marine life, including turtles, dolphins, fish, and seagulls, suffer greatly because of this pollution. They often mistake the material for food or become entangled in debris. 

Despite the alarming amount of plastic, there's still hope for change. UNESCO suggests reducing plastic use, volunteering with a cleanup crew, and supporting legislation and research for plastic alternatives. 

While the enormity of the plastic pollution problem can feel daunting, every effort to remove even a single piece of plastic from our ocean is meaningful and can prevent other creatures from experiencing harm. Looking for where to start? Getting involved with a local organization can make a difference.  

Even though plastic pollution is a big issue, many commenters praised Andriana for her contribution, no matter how small. 

"Thank you for saving them," one person said.

"You are so great to do this," wrote another.

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