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Cyclist baffled by driver's inexcusable actions and police response: 'I think about this nearly every day'

"Right as I approach the intersection, they decide to gun it."

"Right as I approach the intersection, they decide to gun it."

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Cycling has many excellent health and environmental benefits. But you must always have your head on a swivel for motorists who don't believe bikes should be on the road.

A Redditor shared in the r/cycling subreddit an unbelievable story of being struck by a car and calling the police for help when the driver wouldn't share insurance information, only to be issued a ticket and pay to access the accident report. The details sound like something a stunt performer would encounter filming a movie.

"I think about this nearly every day. … Right as I approach the intersection, they decide to gun it … My bike hit the driver side just behind the front wheel and I front-flipped onto the hood, ricocheted off the windshield, and landed on my back," the original poster shared.

The injured individual also mentioned the person who hit them apologized by saying they didn't see them. Fellow commenters did not appreciate the excuse.

"I didn't see you should be seen as a statement that equals I shouldn't have a driver's license," a Redditor commented.

Like some other commenters in this post, a first instinct might be to suggest riding on sidewalks is safer than the road. Sidewalk bike riding is illegal in some parts of the United States, but it also causes issues with pedestrians walking and motorists not seeing cyclists approaching intersections or driveways.

Cyclists, like motorists, have the same rights on the road. However, they are more vulnerable to accidents. The Centers for Disease Control estimates about 1,000 bicyclists die each year, and over 130,000 are injured. Understanding and asserting these rights can empower cyclists to ride with confidence and safety.

Measures are emerging around the world that can help protect bike riders. In 2023, Australia installed glow-in-the-dark line markings on roadways to increase drivers' visibility at night. Colorado proposed a bill to charge SUV and other large vehicle owners a fee to fund projects aimed at improving cyclist safety.

TCD's cycling guide highlights that each mile on a bike saves 0.75 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution. By cycling 1,200 miles a year, an individual could potentially prevent up to 900 pounds of pollution, substantially contributing to cooling down the planet.

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