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Video of entitled driver swerving down bike lane while honking at cyclist sparks outrage online: 'The audacity'

"Just another beautiful day to bike in NYC."

"Just another beautiful day to bike in NYC."

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you thought bicycle lanes were already cramped, one video on the Reddit forum r/IdiotsInCars shows just how easily cars can intrude on the space bicyclists should be able to safely occupy.

A car was shown being driven in a two-way bike lane, honking, and maneuvering dangerously close to the person filming the incident. The moment was also posted by the TikTok account Dashcam Lessons.


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The driver made a U-turn onto a nearby road while also honking at fellow motorists to signal their unexpected arrival to the flow of traffic.

"Just another beautiful day to bike in NYC," the original poster captioned the post, which went viral with over 32,000 upvotes.

Bringing attention to this kind of concerning occurrence is important, as it shows how those who make the eco-friendly choice of riding bikes have to practice even more caution than those who use pollution-creating transportation such cars. 

When people witness these events, they may be discouraged from opting for a bicycle over driving a car and miss out on the benefits that biking has to offer. 

By riding a bike instead of driving, you're contributing to a significant reduction in air pollution since cars emit carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants that contribute to the overheating of our planet.

In fact, there was a dramatic decrease in car-related fatalities in the Netherlands and a significant reduction in carbon pollution from vehicles after various traffic-calming techniques and promotion of biking were adopted.

Biking not only helps keep our air clean, but you're also promoting a more sustainable, efficient use of urban space and getting some great exercise, which is a win-win for your health and the planet.

Commenters were angered and mortified by the driver's reckless actions, sharing their own accounts of entitled drivers with poor road etiquette as well as their complaints about the driver in the video.

"And they were honking at the recorder. Even though they were in the wrong," a Reddit user said.

"Imagine doing this and thinking you're right," another commenter noted.

One Redditor simply summed up their reaction by stating: "The audacity."

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