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Man calls out illegal actions of beachgoers after witnessing their concerning actions in sand dunes: 'This is extremely harmful'

"We need more people like this in the world."

"We need more people like this in the world."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A two-part video spreading awareness about beach pollution and environmental conservation went viral on TikTok. 

"I had to share this wholesome moment and this not-so wholesome moment from the beach this morning," the caption said. 

@trashcaulin I had to share this wholesome moment & this not-so wholesome moment from the beach this morning 🏝️ #psa #sanddunes #sand #satisfyingvideo #satisfying #trash #plasticpollution ♬ original sound - TrashCaulin ♻️

The first portion of the clip showed environmental enthusiast Trash Caulin (@trashcaulin) picking up trash on the beach when two women start talking to him. After explaining that beach cleanup is a part of his daily routine, the women collect a piece of litter Caulin missed and add it to his pile. 

"That just proves you can be surrounded by trash and still find some treasures," he said.

Unfortunately, after the women left, Caulin noticed two beachgoers with metal detectors standing on the dunes. 

"The next part of this video is strictly for education," Caulin said. "... This right here is something you don't ever want to do. Our sand dunes are already not doing great. So by digging them up like this, it's not a great idea."

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It's unclear if the individuals in the video were aware of rules that prohibited them from being on the dunes, an infraction that could've incurred a hefty fine, but their actions were harmful nonetheless. 

As a natural coastline barrier, sand dunes offer essential protection against storm surges and big waves. Thanks to dunes, beach communities have a natural defense to reduce flooding and water damage during storms

Sand dunes also provide habitat for beach organisms. Standing on the dunes and digging them up not only destroys the flood barrier but also destroys the habitats of unique plant and animal species.

On top of destroying part of the sand dune, the two beachgoers did not try to fill the hole they made or pick up the piece of trash they dug out. 

"It's so frustrating that they dug into the sand dunes for a piece of trash and then didn't even pick up the piece of trash," Caulin said. "The main takeaway from this is this is extremely harmful to the sand dunes and a federal crime."

Despite the frustrating end to the video, TikTokers were encouraged by Caulin's positive interaction with the women. 

"Aww those ladies were so wholesome," one user wrote.

"We need more people like this in the world," another TikToker commented.

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