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Beachgoer sparks outrage online after capturing video of upsetting sight in water: 'This makes me so mad'

"What do they expect us to do?"

"What do they expect us to do?"

Photo Credit: Reddit

Going to the beach is a great way to unwind and enjoy nature, looking out at nothing but sand, ocean, sky — and giant floating video billboards? Unfortunately, that last one created a big eyesore for some recent beachgoers. 

One Redditor posted a TikTok video to the r/TikTokCringe subreddit showing what was almost a beautiful beach scene. A few people are soaking up the sun in the sand, a few others are cooling off in the water, and then a big boat cruises by with a massive video screen advertising a local pizza company. 

"Ain't no way we getting d*** ads on the beach," the text on the video said. "What do they expect us to do?? Pay a mf subscription fee to remove ads from earth?" 

This annoying ad is disturbing on many levels. 

For one, numerous studies have shown that spending time in nature has physical and mental health benefits, but the idea is to get away from screens. The last thing we need is more advertisements. According to Siteefy, the average person sees approximately 10,000 ads per day. 

Increased ads in an area also directly impact people's moods, actually making us unhappy, per a Harvard Business Review report.  

Another major problem is that the ship is needlessly burning fuel and disrupting marine life. The burning of dirty energy sources like oil is the most direct cause of the overheating of our planet. 

Commenters on the Reddit post shared in the OP's rage over the unnecessary advertising. 

"Oh this makes me so mad. I go out of my way to block ads entirely on all my devices, I stay away from TV/cable (ads) and I hate being tracked," one person wrote

"Then I go to the beach and some d****** is flying around with ads polluting the environment," they added, lamenting planes that pull banners over beaches. 

"[It] should be illegal to try and block a natural view like that," another wrote

A third simply said, "I hate it here." 

Another had a funny suggestion. 

"Someone should hit golf balls at it," they wrote. However, that leads to other problems, as George Costanza once found out. 

Ads on the beach
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