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Allergist explains one alarming factor making seasonal sicknesses worse: 'These numbers are continually getting worse'

"If we want our kids and our future generations to live in healthier environments …"

"If we want our kids and our future generations to live in healthier environments ..."

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TikToker Dr. Rubin, MD (@rubin_allergy) has posted a video with a dire warning for Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies: It's about to get worse. Much worse.ย 

As the planet continues to warm, allergy seasons will continue to get longer, and the amount of pollen in the air that causes so much discomfort to so many will continually increase.

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What's happening?

In the video, Dr. Rubin, a board-certified allergist, points to one reason this is happening. 

"We have been burning a lot of fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that trap heat in the atmosphere," he said. "When we have more days where we're above freezing temperatures, that allows plants to produce more pollen. So then in the following season, we have more pollen-producing plants, and it becomes a worsening effect over time."

Why are longer allergy seasons concerning?

Dr. Rubin cites a study that predicts that by 2040, pollen counts in the U.S. will be double what they were in 2000.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, pollen seasons now start 20 days earlier, last 10 days longer, and have 21% more pollen than in 1990.

To the majority of Americans, this might not be too concerning. But for over 25% of adults and nearly one in five children who suffer from allergies, this is bad news, especially considering that allergies can get worse with age.ย 

"These numbers are continually getting worse," Dr. Rubin adds. 

The increased pollen in the air can also negatively affect people with asthma.

What can I do to help with worsening allergy seasons?

Everyone can help to reduce their impact on the planet, not just those who can afford to buy an electric vehicle or install solar power in their home. Something as simple as walking instead of driving when making a short trip can make a big difference over time. Unplugging devices at home when they're not being used is another small thing that can help.

Dr. Rubin concludes the video saying, "If we want our kids and our future generations to live in healthier environments, we need to address climate change as much as possible, because otherwise, our health will continually get worse and worse."

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