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Tesla releases details about the updated design for its Model 3 — including unique hood feature that could save lives

The upgraded Model 3 is available in Europe, but it is expected to eventually make it to the US market.

The upgraded Model 3 is available in Europe, but it is expected to eventually make it to the US market.

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Tesla has integrated some snazzy new safety features into its updated Model 3, including an "active hood" that protects pedestrians during a crash.

According to the car's European user manual, the rear part of the hood automatically raises about 3 inches if the vehicle detects an impact with a pedestrian when driving between 18.6 and 32.3 miles per hour. This apparently protects the human's head (acting somewhat like a cushion), thereby reducing the likelihood of injury. 

This feature was previously integrated into the Model S and Model X, but only in select markets. 

In addition, the Model 3's new safety features include metal hooks on the doors that keep them aligned during a crash and a "Driver Drowsiness Warning," which uses a camera to monitor how often the driver yawns or blinks (sending an audible alert if necessary).

So far, the revamped Model 3 is available in Europe, but it is expected to make it to the U.S. market eventually.

As more people opt for EVs, these types of improvements will help ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. That's great news because the adoption of more EVs will lead to better air quality, less noise pollution, and less planet-warming pollution. 

While technological innovations have long been Tesla's game, the company is also focused on expanding charging infrastructure, making EVs more accessible to the masses. 

For instance, it announced that around 2,000 Hilton hotels in North America will install Tesla Universal Wall Connector charging points. Any EV user can benefit from these charging stations with the use of an adapter. Tesla is also partnering with BP to bring Supercharger hardware to gas stations across the United States.

Tesla enthusiast Tesla_Adri (@tesla_adri), who is located in Germany, received an updated Model 3 in November and quickly took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to post about the car's new safety features. 

Plus, he added, "The list of comfort improvements is even longer. Double glass all around, better suspension, [ambient] lighting, cooled seats, rear display."

His followers were impressed with the new features, with one commenting, "Yes, I think it's a great step forward."

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