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Leaked footage of Tesla Cybertruck's viral feature has internet in an uproar: 'It looks like it could be used as a weapon'

It was unknown if the feature would make it to the final version of the truck.

It was unknown if the feature would make it to the final version of the truck.

Photo Credit: @BradSloanvideos / YouTube

Even though Tesla's long-delayed Cybertruck has yet to be released, its design remains a constant source of debate and controversy. The latest design element causing an uproar on the internet is the angular truck's comically large single windshield wiper.

One of the many Tesla fans who flies drone cameras over Tesla factories hoping to get a look at a Cybertruck struck gold recently when footage captured what appeared to be a finished Cybertruck with the single wiper in action. You can watch the video here.

Although the wiper had been spotted before on beta versions of the Cybertruck, it was unknown if the feature would make the final version of the truck. That now appears to be the case.

Electrek's Fred Lambert described the wiper as being "so large it looks like it could be used as a weapon" and went on to speculate that it "looks even bigger than in previous versions of the vehicle, which could be due to complaints from people who saw the image featured above where it looks like it couldn't clean the passenger side of the windshield."

Just as it is an exciting time for Tesla fans, the Cybertruck's imminent release makes it an equally exciting time for people who love to clown on the controversial truck's unique design elements.

"If the rest of the body style isn't a deal breaker, the wiper isn't going to deter anyone," wrote one Electrek commenter.

"Mercedes had a monowiper that actually worked. Tesla should've hit copy and paste on their design. This looks like it isn't going to be all that great at clearing a majority of the windshield," wrote another.

"Does Tesla have a dedicated gigafactory for the wiper?" asked one commenter.

"No, in fact the wiper is so big they have a terafactory for it," replied another.

The final specs of the Cybertruck, single wiper and all, should be revealed any day now — including how much the EV will cost.

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