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Leaked video of Tesla Cybertruck following crash test sparks debate online: 'Repair facilities will not touch this'

"I am getting the vibe that this will be kind of a disposable truck."

I am getting the vibe that this will be kind of a disposable truck.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Tesla's long-awaited Cybertruck is, in theory, drawing ever closer to being released. While a great many features and aspects of the Cybertruck have been discussed ad nauseam on the internet, one question has escaped most peoples' focus until now: What happens when you crash the Cybertruck into a ditch?

That discussion topic entered the fray after an X (formerly known as Twitter) account posted a video of the aftermath of a "ditch rollover" test involving two of the angular trucks. The post was later deleted, but the video ended up archived on a Cybertruck fan forum.

One interesting thing revealed by the video, according to Electrek, is that it adds evidence to the theory that the Cybertruck is not actually built with a revolutionary "exoskeleton" construction, as Tesla has claimed, but instead with a traditional unibody frame. The exoskeleton was the supposed reason for the vehicle's unique and often controversial appearance.

Another thing revealed by the video is our first real look at the Cybertruck's back seat, which includes octagonal cupholders and the 8-inch rear screen that is standard in most Tesla models.

As for the results of the crash itself, the evidence of how well the Cybertruck held up is inconclusive in the brief video, although it does appear that the vehicles were not completely totaled.

The full effects of the crash, including how difficult the Cybertruck might be to repair, were hotly debated in the Electrek comment section, as well as in the thread on the Cybertruck forum where the video was posted.

"Mainstream repair facilities will not touch this," wrote one Electrek commenter. "I have been in the insurance industry for years and have had struggles finding 'Tesla Certified' repair facilities in our area. 

"When we do find them the process is 3x wait and much higher costs. I am getting the vibe that this will be kind of a disposable truck when it comes down to major damages. Make sure you have gap insurance."

Another wrote: "So what we know so far is that the truck that everyone assumed was a prank when it rolled onto the floor because it was so ugly, that was hyped with unbreakable windows that they broke in the demo, that would have exoskeleton construction, and would revolutionize the industry years ago, in reality is even uglier, has huge manufacturing issues, fit and finish QC problems that are even worse than are normal for a company that is a global joke in that area, still hasn't changed windows in any way, is not an exoskeleton, and still isn't on sale.

"But good news: you can hardly tell it has been in a rollover because the panels never matched anyway."

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