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Mind-boggling video shows impressive power of Tesla's HEPA air filtration system: 'This works'

"One of the biggest life hacks that isn't well known."

"One of the biggest life hacks that isn’t well known."

Photo Credit: X

If you're worried about pollution on your drive, Tesla has a solution for that — a HEPA air filtration system that blocks out nearly all airborne pollutants from the outside world.

In a video posted on X, formerly Twitter, the company runs a demonstration comparing a Tesla filter with a non-Tesla one. 

First, the team releases a thick red smoke inside of a dome-like structure. While the Tesla's cabin air appears to remain pristine, the other "standard" filter doesn't perform as well and the cabin becomes hazy. 

"HEPA air filter in Model Y, S and X removes >99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and any airborne particles," the caption claimed.

If that wasn't impressive enough, Tesla's "bioweapon mode" in select models acts as an air pressure buffer on top of its HEPA filtration, and people were apparently using it to evade thick wildfire smoke in California and Canada during the summer of 2023. 

"You can literally survive a military grade bio attack by sitting in your car," Tesla said in a statement.

These features could prove life-saving because air pollution threatens human health in many ways. It's been linked with certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disease. 

Unfortunately, things are likely to get worse. Scientists predict that as our planet heats up, air quality will continue to plunge because natural sources of air pollution could increase by 14%.

However, there are ways you can protect yourself from unhealthy air, even if you don't drive a Tesla. For instance, an air purifier in your home can strain out dust, fur, pollen, and other large materials. Most filters have a harder time catching fine particulate matter (also known as PM2.5), so if you live in an area where PM2.5 pollution is a problem, it's best to invest in a HEPA-rated filter.

People loved Tesla's demonstration.

"This works," one person said. "I drive behind diesel-powered vehicles with the windows down. I can smell the diesel stink. Roll up the windows, turn on the AC and no disgusting diesel particulate pollution! #ilovetesla."

Another commenter added, "The HEPA filter is one of the biggest life hacks that isn't well known."

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