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Tesla is dropping a game-changing collaboration for non-Tesla drivers — here's why Rivian drivers should take note

Rivian, like Tesla, has its own charging network.

Tesla Supercharger station

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Now that Tesla has opened the first of its Supercharger stations to non-Tesla electric vehicle owners, it should be easier than ever for those drivers to find a charge. For Rivian drivers, Electrek reports that those Tesla stations are now being integrated into Rivian's navigation system.

The Tesla charging stations in the U.S. that are open to other EVs are limited to a handful of stations in New York and California. However, the Tesla website continues to add updated info on chargers. 

Since Tesla generally charges non-Tesla EV users for electricity at higher rates than they charge their customers, the company certainly has the motivation to keep expanding the available stations. 

Rivian, like Tesla, has its own charging network, although it is still in the early stages, with only about two dozen fast-charging stations currently in operation, thought its network is growing.

Rivian was also in the news recently for collaborating with solar company Clearloop to place a solar-powered EV charger in Paris, Tennessee. The placement was intentionally chosen to spark change, as Tennessee still relies overwhelmingly on its fossil fuel–powered grid for energy needs.

Finding a charge for your electric car has long been a slightly overblown problem — EV drivers report that they can find chargers within range and do not find themselves stranded on the sides of highways. 

More chargers, especially more publicly available chargers, is certainly a good step. And, as more and more EVs appear on the roads as drivers increasingly switch away from planet-overheating fossil fuel–powered cars, more chargers will be needed.

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