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EV battery maker announces its latest cell technology is world's first to achieve 2,000 consecutive extreme fast charging cycles: 'Milestone achievement'

"StoreDot continues to set the pace, consistently meeting our milestones."

"StoreDot continues to set the pace, consistently meeting our milestones."

Photo Credit: StoreDot

Israeli battery maker StoreDot has hit a performance milestone with a power pack that reached 2,000 consecutive cycles. 

It's part of a development progression for electric vehicle range and charge performance that could be game-changing for the industry if the benchmarks are met within the next 10 years. 

In the latest news, the silicon-dominant battery was repeatedly charged from 10% to 80% in 10 minutes, holding 80% of its capacity, according to a company press release

It marks accelerated improvement since the Israeli company was founded in 2012, with cycle milestones doubling since 2022. 

"Surpassing 2,000 cycles with our extreme fast charging cells solidifies StoreDot's position at the forefront of battery technology innovation for electric vehicles," Yaron Fein, executive vice president of research and development, said

StoreDot's battery uses a silicon anode, replacing graphite that's used in common lithium-ion batteries. When a battery operates, ions move between the anode and cathode through a substance called electrolyte. As noted by Chemical & Engineering News, silicon can store more electricity than graphite, though swelling has been a problem for the material that has hindered progress. 

StoreDot, Group14 Technologies, and other companies are among the innovators perfecting the science to create an overall better battery that works well and has fewer ties to foreign materials markets

For StoreDot's part, officials claim to be on track for a power pack that can deliver 100 miles of range on a five-minute charge this year as part of its extreme fast charging program, dubbed XFC. The goal is to reduce the charge time to three minutes by 2028, according to an Electrek story on the tech

By 2032, in what it calls a "post-lithium" era, StoreDot plans to offer a 100-mile range with a two-minute charge. The battery science is scheduled to evolve and improve through different iterations during development. The technology uses cutting-edge nanoparticles and artificial intelligence to help meet the goals, all according to the company website.

"StoreDot continues to set the pace, consistently meeting our milestones and delivering on the promise of providing car manufacturers with a reliable, proven extreme fast charging solution aligned with their zero-emission goals and timeline," Fein said in the statement. 

It's part of ongoing battery innovations happening around the world as experts continue the quest for a better power pack that will make EVs accessible anywhere. 

EVs can prevent 10,000 pounds of planet-warming air pollution from hitting the atmosphere each year when they replace a gas-guzzler — even with current battery tech. The cleaner ride can result in better health, as more studies are showing tailpipe fumes are having a negative impact on our bodies, specifically in children

What's more, steep savings on gas and maintenance costs can also be realized by driving an EV. 

StoreDot's next moves include continuing to prove the effectiveness of its tech, sealing strategic manufacturing deals, and expanding operations in the United States. The goal is eventual commercialization. The investors/partners list already includes Samsung, Volvo, and BP, all per the company. 

"This milestone achievement validates the exceptional long-term performance and reliability of our silicon-dominant XFC batteries as we rapidly progress toward commercialization," Fein said in the Electrek story.

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