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Startup develops body-cooling clothes to help people endure extreme heat: 'This trend is likely to continue'

The suits are made of a material that can "absorb and remove heat through evaporation."

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British company Techniche UK has developed StayQool suits, which can considerably cool their wearers' bodies in the hot sun.

They are designed to be soaked in water for two minutes before every use, which allows their users to be 14 degrees cooler on a hot day, according to Bloomberg. This kind of technology is especially important in places like Qatar, where temperatures can reach upward of 120 degrees on a given day. 

StayQool suits are adjustable, as they feature collars and wrist cuffs that can be added or detached. The suits are made of a mesh that can "absorb and remove heat through evaporation," according to Bloomberg, and also feature a waterproof layer on the inside.

Techniche is also producing a vest that can cool wearers' bodies while monitoring their vitals and recognizing heat stress via "smart sensors." And other products are taking inspiration from "phase-change materials" originally conceived by NASA.

"As climate change pushes temperatures in extreme directions, demand from consumers for cooling apparel is also increasing at a faster pace," said Sophie Bakalar, an investor in green clothing startups. "This trend is likely to continue as the Global South industrializes further and consumers have greater disposable income to spend on comfort."

Other companies and researchers around the world are developing heat-friendly technologies that will keep people cool as global temperatures continue to rise. A startup in California is working on small air-conditioning devices that can fit inside clothing, while Chinese researchers have developed reflective polyester that bounces up to 90% of the sun's rays off its surface.

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