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Retired writer designs incredible passive house that generates more energy than it uses: 'The results have absolutely been worth the frustrations'

"The home is extraordinarily comfortable."

"The home is extraordinarily comfortable."

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David Noland, a well-traveled adventurer known for his trips to remote places around the world, has taken on a new kind of adventure: building a solar-powered, energy-efficient home in Cornwall, New York. 

In 2018, Noland and his wife Lisa DeMartino moved to a beautiful meadow next to the Storm King Art Center, as reported by Chronogram. They wanted a home that would be comfortable in all seasons without relying on traditional energy sources.

Noland designed a 1,340-square-foot house facing south, with a large solar panel system on the roof that generates twice the energy they need to power their home and two electric cars during sunny months.

The house is built using special insulated panels that keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The windows are designed to let in sunlight during the winter but block it during the summer, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. This smart design helps them save a lot on energy bills.

Noland also included advanced air-circulation systems and high-efficiency appliances to further reduce the home's environmental impact and save money on energy costs. These features make the house not only eco-friendly but also economical.

Noland's house is more than just a place to live, it's an example of how to build homes that are good for the environment. It shows that with careful planning and renewable energy, we can create houses that are comfortable, affordable, and sustainable. 

Similar eco-friendly homes showcase how thoughtful design and renewable energy can create resilient, comfortable, cost-effective housing solutions. For example, a family in Ontario, Canada, built a solar-powered home in the forest using straw bales for insulation and a green roof to regulate temperature naturally. 

Another example is Bellway, a company in the U.K. that is constructing "future homes" with solar panels, heat pumps, and extra insulation to save on energy bills and meet new eco-friendly standards.

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In a world facing the impacts of the changing climate, Noland's solar-powered home sets a hopeful and practical example. It not only reduces environmental impact but also offers a model for others looking to build sustainable homes.

"The results have absolutely been worth the frustrations," Noland told Chronogram. "The home is extraordinarily comfortable. The real adventure of my life was raising my daughter, but building this house has also been a great adventure."

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