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A new electric ‘hypercar’ just broke 23 performance records in a single day: ‘The technology will trickle down’

“This Rimac matters to us all because the technology will trickle down into more mainstream EVs.”

A new electric hypercar Nevera

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A new electric vehicle is racing onto the scene, recently breaking 23 performance records in just one day.

The Rimac Nevera electric hypercar broke records for the fastest 0-249 miles per hour time, fastest acceleration time, and more at a German race track in late April. The car even outperformed some of its own official specifications — its new 0-60 mph record of 1.74 seconds bested its previous time of 1.85 seconds.

Third-party companies independently verified each of the feats.

Rimac Automobili was founded in Croatia in 2009. The company introduced its first EV, the Concept_One, in 2016, according to Electrek. Only eight vehicles were produced, however. 

Concept_Two debuted in 2018, and it was renamed Nevera. Over the past few years, the company has been performing crash tests on the car, and now they’ve promised to release 150 for sale. 

The estimated cost for a Nevera is a whopping $2.4 million, but that may be a small price to pay for some car enthusiasts who want to cruise in what’s being called “the ultimate record breaking hypercar.”

While the rest of us might not be able to get our hands on the steering wheel of a Nevera anytime soon, this could still be a big deal for EVs.

“This Rimac matters to us all because the technology will trickle down into more mainstream EVs,” one person pointed out on the Electrek website.

And that’s good news because EVs produce far fewer planet-warming gases than traditional cars and can help us transition to more environmentally friendly transportation in the future.

For his part, Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of Rimac Group, said he’s pretty proud that this car balances performance and EV goals.

“When we set out to engineer the Nevera, our performance targets were incredibly ambitious, and we’ve now managed to overshoot all of those,” he said in a press release. “What I’m most proud of though, is that this isn’t a car purely designed for straight line performance. The Nevera can go from breaking records to driving over 300 miles on a charge, refilling from 0-80% in less than 20 minutes, and keeping the most demanding drivers in the world engaged.” 

Over on the Electrek website, where the news was posted in May, EV enthusiasts seemed, well, enthused. 

“What a time to be alive where cars are measured on their 0-249 mph time!” one person said.

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