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New feature-loaded Rivian R1T pickup is one of the latest EV trucks to enter an ever-growing market: 'This thing does it all'

"This thing can do just about anything a standard pickup can do, and then some."

R1T, Latest EV truck

Photo Credit: Rivian

The new Rivian R1T pickup hits on many specs truck buyers look for. According to its website, the electric vehicle can tow 11,000 pounds, go from zero to 60 mph in as quickly as three seconds, and rock crawl a 100% grade (if you find yourself on the side of a mountain).

It's one of the latest EV trucks to enter an ever-growing market, and the makers are getting creative with the features.  

The R1T is a bit of a multitasker. It boasts 62 cubic feet of storage (including a large compartment under the hood) and is touted as a great conveyance for outdoor adventures. It can also carry three car seats (seating five total), Rivian notes on the company website. 

"The engineers at Rivian told us this pickup has been thoroughly over-engineered, and they're not kidding. From daily driver tasks to off-roading, this thing does it all," InHabitat's Laura Cowan wrote in a review following a test drive. 

The truck has drive settings familiar to common trucks and SUVs on the market: snow, all-purpose, all-terrain, and towing. The Quad-Motor all-wheel drive model also has rally, drift, and sport among its drive-mode options. The truck boasts modern tech features like a wireless iPhone charger and cordless Bluetooth speaker, as well as a partial self-driving option, InHabitat reports

The interior can be equipped with a full sunroof, wood grain, and large digital screens. 

It looks a little different from the typical truck because of two vertical, cylinder-shaped headlights, sort of resembling a friendly robot at first glance. It otherwise looks like other trucks on the market. 

The big question drivers will have is if the R1T will leave them stranded with a dead battery. Depending on what kind of all-wheel-drive motor you pick — dual, performance, or quad — as well as other factors, the R1T gets between 260 and 400 miles a charge, according to the website. A 20-minute fast charge will deliver about 140 miles, according to Rivian. 

The cost (starting at $73,000 per Rivian) might seem a little steep to buyers looking to take advantage of lower pricing elsewhere

InHabitat's Cowan drove a model valued at $93,000. To justify the buy, she said it also fills the role of RV and camper. For $6,000, you can add a camping kit with a stove, sink, and prep counter that can be pulled out of a gear tunnel, per InHabitat. 

It can also drive through more than 3 feet of water for ultra off-road adventures. 

"You can drive the R1T to the local beach, take it off-roading, then set up for tent camping at night with your pets. This thing can do just about anything a standard pickup can do, and then some," Cowan wrote

Once ordered (you will need $1,000 down), the R1T typically arrives in 16 weeks or less, according to Rivian.

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