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Company unveils 'pioneering' new tech that can increase your EV's range dramatically — here's how it works

"[It] will take EV battery design to the next level."

ProLogium battery can fast-charge to 80% in just 12 minutes

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ProLogium has big news in the race for better electric vehicle (EV) batteries, including a near-80% increase in driving range on a 12-minute fast-charge. 

The Taiwan-based company recently debuted the second generation of its solid-state power pack during a tech conference in Europe. The flat, rectangular battery cell design is lighter and packs more punch than the traditional cylindrical concepts, company officials told CleanTechnica

As an example, the Mercedes EQE 350+ could increase its range by 79%, to 447 miles on a charge, according to an ArenaEV report. The story also noted a significant drop in weight — a savings of "around 254 pounds."

Other perks include a 12-minute fast-charge to 80% capacity (compared to 20 minutes with traditional batteries). It's also less likely to explode, according to a company video

"With a clear roadmap for capacity ramp-up and technology development, we are making an all-out effort to accelerate the electrification revolution by providing improved energy solutions to our partners," ProLogium CEO Vincent Yang told CleanTechnica

As part of the unique design, the battery uses a solid-state ceramic electrolyte. All batteries have electrolyte, the substance where the charge/discharge cycle happens. The substance is a liquid in common lithium-ion batteries. In ProLogium's design, the experts use solid ceramic, part of how they created a more powerful, yet lighter, battery. 

The design results in a flat, rectangular battery that is shown in the clip fitting in the bottom of an EV. 

Company officials are also touting benefits pertaining to sustainability. Their battery uses fewer raw materials. It's an important consideration as EV sales are expected to increase.

"Production processes will produce less waste … which means increased sustainability and affordability," Simon Wu, who is assistant vice president of the product center, said in a press release. 

The company clip shows an illustration of the packs powering planes, trains, and boats. 

As for automobiles, EVs in Europe should begin test runs with the innovative batteries by the end of the year, according to ProLogium. And a more than $5 billion factory in Dunkirk, France, is scheduled to be built this year, ArenaEV reports. 

It's part of "another pioneering battery concept that will take EV battery design to the next level in terms of long range, light-weight, and design flexibility," Yang said in the release. 

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