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Companies work to electrify asphalt paving across the country: 'That extra production will be game-changing'

The collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting journey to redefine how paving is done.

The collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting journey to redefine how paving is done.

Photo Credit: Portable Electric

The asphalt paving industry is about to get a jolt thanks to a "game-changing" collaboration that could save hours for construction workers.

According to Electrek, equipment maker LeeBoy discovered that its new electric paver could lay an additional 21 tons of asphalt after a 15-minute onsite recharge with a portable charger from Portable Electric.

"This collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting journey to redefine how paving is done, focusing on efficiency, innovation, and the ability to meet future demands of the industry," Portable Electric CEO Keith Marett said in a press release. 

The battery storage maker also seemingly has plans to level up its Voltstack 30k Level 2 Mobile e-Charger. 

"In terms of future solutions, Level 3 is critical to our success. With Level 3 charging, the same 15-minute charging window will lead to an additional [63 tons] of asphalt. That extra production will be game-changing," LeeBoy senior product manager Chris Broome told Electrek.

Some electric construction equipment can take hours to charge offsite, as detailed by GreenBiz.

While rudimentary electric vehicles have been around for personal use since the 1800s, seeing a surge in popularity in the 2000s, the adoption of electric construction equipment is in much earlier stages. 

The first all-electric paver by Royal BAM hit test sites in 2022, according to Electrek, with a fully electric road roller coming two years prior. LeeBoy deployed its own electric paver in March.  

Portable Electric, which was founded in 2015, is seeking to transform how the construction industry operates, making workers safer by facilitating the use of non-polluting equipment.   

A 2022 global status report by the U.N. found that the sector was producing pollution at an all-time high, accounting for roughly 37% of energy and process-related carbon dioxide and more than 34% of energy demand.

Carbon dioxide is the most abundant heat-trapping gas by far, and it has been linked to the overheating of our planet and respiratory issues like asthma.  

Gas-powered equipment releases carbon monoxide as well. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 800 people die each year at their construction jobs, and carbon monoxide poisoning is the top cause. 

The gas can also negatively impact the chemistry of the ozone, which protects us from cancer-causing radiation

"Working with Portable Electric is a significant step forward," Broome added in the press release. "The Voltstack ecosystem will play a crucial role in ensuring the success of our electric equipment and maximizing uptime on our construction projects."

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