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Battery company says it's achieved breakthrough charging time with 'holy grail' of EV tech: 'This car [ticks] all the boxes'

The makers promise high power, a long life cycle, and improved safety to go along with the extremely fast charge time.

Nyobolt sports car with rapid-charge battery

Photo Credit: Topgear

Another electric vehicle (EV) startup is touting "holy grail" charging technology.

The news from UK-based Nyobolt might just rise to the billing, as it promises 155 miles on a six-minute charge, with production slated to start in 2024. 

Most EVs take much longer, sometimes even hours, to fully charge.

"With our unique technology we have … developed smaller battery packs that can deliver more power and charge in less time," Nyobolt CEO Sai Shivareddy told BBC Top Gear.

The Nyobolt website doesn't go into great detail about the tech inside the battery. The makers promise high power, a long life cycle, and improved safety to go along with the extremely fast charge time. 

Lithium-ion batteries, common in EVs and a lot of other technology, have, in some cases, caught fire. Battery-makers are working on better alternatives, in part to reduce the explosion risk. 

Nyobolt experts claim that its battery has a "wider temperature performance." 

What's more, it plans to put the tech to the test in fast fashion. Nyobolt has teamed with the UK's Callum Design to create a sports car. The Nyobolt EV has the curves of a vintage roadster, but there's no doubt it's from the 21st century. Everything on the car is as high-tech as it gets. 

After watching a video showcasing the car on Callum's website, it wouldn't be a surprise to learn the EV comes with a warp drive (maybe in the next generation). 

Motor Authority reported that Nyobolt hasn't released a production date for the sports car. But the battery tech is ready for "rapid scale-up" next year. The power pack has been tested with more than 2,000 fast-charge cycles with good performance, according to the Motor Authority report. 

It's more good news for the EV industry as it tries to match range and performance with gasoline-powered vehicles. 

Nyobolt is considering plugging into the truck, bus, and luxury categories, as well, according to Motor Authority. 

The sports car could be the first big test for the startup

"Nyobolt's technology allows this car to tick all the boxes," Callum creative lead Aleck Jones told Top Gear.

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