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Massive sustainable property with one-of-a-kind features hits market — here's what's behind its $5 million price tag

"You just won't find anything like this anywhere else."

"You just won't find anything like this anywhere else."

Photo Credit: Millbank Homes

A stunning net-zero modern farmhouse-style mansion on the outskirts of London is still for sale after hitting the market late last year — and it could be yours for just £3.95 million (nearly $5 million). 

The seven-bedroom, two-story home is part of a unique sustainable development called Birch Grove near the idyllic rural community of Chalfont St. Giles, nestled in the picturesque Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire. There are three zero-carbon homes on the property, all named after native woodland plants, according to Mansion Global

Campion House, the largest and most expensive of the three homes, includes plenty of energy-saving features that justify the selling price. Built of flint, which is a centuries-old natural material that can last for millennia, per Ernest Barnes Ltd., the home has a small environmental impact despite its imposing size. 

It measures over 5,000 square feet, but since it produces just as much energy as it consumes, it allows residents to save on energy bills while blending in with the surrounding ecosystem. With sliding glass doors and huge windows to let in natural light, it is designed to make residents feel like they're part of nature rather than simply spectators. 

A double-height planted open-air atrium in the main bedroom along with a private terrace overlooking the countryside add to the contemporary indoor-outdoor living concept, as Mansion Global detailed.

In addition to the sleek, modern design and architecture of the home, it's equipped with the latest energy-efficient technologies, including solar panels, air-source heat pumps, mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems, highly efficient Mixergy hot water heaters, and multizone radiant underfloor heating, per Mansion Global. The listing agency noted that the solar panels come with 10 kilowatts of smart storage batteries as well. 

All these features not only help residents save money on energy and water bills but also reduce planet-warming pollution from dirty fuel sources that are contributing to the changing climate. 

Net-zero homes have become popular recently as homeowners seek to live in harmony with nature while lowering their electric bills. From North Carolina to Kansas to Vermont, architects are increasingly building homes for a future powered by clean energy. 

"Chalfont St. Giles is a prime location and we have transformed this once redundant site into a place of beauty, creating three extraordinary, fully net-zero homes," Paul Higgs, founder of eco-developer Millbank Group, which developed Birch Grove, told Mansion Global. "The overarching concept of Birch Grove is its biophilic design, focusing on the well-being of future occupants and enhancing the connection between people and nature."

"Birch Grove is where discerning architectural design and nature have converged to create luxury homes with a difference. Here, the beauty of the surroundings is effortlessly woven into every element to soothe the senses and enhance the living experience. You just won't find anything like this anywhere else," Higgs told contemporary door supplier Urban Front Limited.

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