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REI wants to pay you major money for your old outdoor clothing and camping gear — some items will sell for hundreds of dollars

REI isn't the only company taking back used outdoor clothing and gear.

REI Resupply trade-in program for old outdoor gear

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Outdoor retail giant REI has a devoted following for its wide range of gear and clothing — from tents and packs to hiking boots, jackets, and so much more. 

But did you know you could find those items at steep discounts through the REI Resupply program? We've got the scoop.

How does REI's Resupply program work?

REI Resupply, stylized as "Re/Supply," is a trade-in program available only to its Co-op members. Membership is a one-time fee of $30 and lasts a lifetime.

You can trade in items, including jackets, pants, sleeping bags, tents, packs, boots, running shoes, and Co-op Cycles kids' bikes. 

Once you've identified the items you'd like to trade in, head to the REI website to begin the trade-in process. Depending on the condition of your used gear, you can earn a pretty penny. An Osprey backpack is worth $50, a kid's bike $100 — but it depends on the item and its condition.

After you complete the online intake form, you can bring your used items to your nearest REI store or send them for just $6. Once items are inspected, you get compensation via an REI gift card that is good for use online or in-store.

Why should I participate in the REI Resupply program?

Outdoor enthusiasts know that gear is not cheap — even the least expensive stuff will set you back a good bit. Shopping via the Resupply program can save you a lot of money, especially on items you know will be outgrown soon, like kids' bikes.

Another big reason to shop and trade-in via Resupply is that many items, such as packs, sleeping bags, and tents, only get used a few times per year, if that. So why not spend less money for better quality gear that will last you longer? 

It sure beats seeing those used items go to landfills, where they contribute to our global pollution problem. And when you're buying via trade-in, you can also support some ethical outdoor brands like Patagonia, Timberland, and REI.

Are there similar programs to REI's Resupply?

REI isn't the only company taking back used outdoor clothing and gear. Patagonia offers a buyback program, too. And if you love taking photos on outdoor adventures, maybe upgrade your camera. Nikon has a robust take-back program that can get you a new camera. 

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