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Suzuki unveils radical four-legged robotic vehicle that can go places others can't: 'Straight out of Wall-E'

"This technology would be great for transporting materials in the construction industry."

"This technology would be great for transporting materials in the construction industry."

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Suzuki brought what could be the future of mobility vehicles to the 2023 Japan Mobility Show from October 26 to November 5, 2023. 

Featuring a motorcycle-like body mounted upon four robotic legs, the electric MOQBA is intended to provide freedom of transportation for people who "face barriers" when it comes to urban areas with steps.

According to Suzuki, the MOQBA has three modes — Chair mode, Standing mode, and Stretcher mode — and can reach places where cars can't go in times of emergency. The Stretcher mode is particularly useful in this scenario. 

While this machine is not built for performance, it continues an interesting moment in the development of robotic vehicles.

Honda brought its UNI-ONE personal mobility device to the Japan Mobility Show, too, which enables riders to travel as long as they are able to move their core muscles.

"Straight out of Wall-E," one user on X, formerly known as Twitter, commented on Reuters' video of the UNI-ONE in action.

Meanwhile, in the slightly more high-octane space, Davinci Motor has begun taking reservations for a robotic electric motorcycle. It can monitor the environment, road conditions, battery, and temperature, while adjusting its settings accordingly to deliver the best possible ride — it can even follow people traveling on foot thanks to its self-balancing technology and a sensor module. 

According to Designboom, the MOQBA can undergo body variations to help complete a range of tasks. 

For example, a holding bin can be added to allow the robotic quadruped to transport packages for delivery, which could make the MOQBA a zero-tailpipe-pollution alternative to dirty-fuel-powered delivery cars and motorbikes in urban settings.

With vehicular pollution a notable problem in built-up areas because of the lack of carbon-removing trees and a high concentration of population exposed to harmful gases in a confined area, the electric MOQBA could help to prevent the respiratory illnesses this issue exacerbates.

It could also be used in supermarkets to help users carry their items around the store without pushing a cart — even allowing you to take the shopping bags upstairs when you return home.

"This technology would be great for transporting materials in the construction industry," one Redditor commented on Designboom's report. 

Otherwise, trash cans can be mounted to the chassis to make taking garbage to the curb easier, which will undoubtedly benefit users with limited mobility. 

It's not clear when or if the MOQBA will hit the market, but it could open up a range of possibilities for all kinds of users. 

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