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New report reveals surprising power sources making up almost one-third of Minnesota's energy supply: 'The rest of the country is taking notice'

"Minnesota continues to lead on clean energy and energy efficiency deployment."

"Minnesota continues to lead on clean energy and energy efficiency deployment."

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Imagine a world where the power that lights your home, charges your phone, and cooks your meals comes from clean, renewable sources like the wind and sun.

In Minnesota, that future is quickly becoming a reality, according to the Minnesota Reformer.

A new report from Clean Energy Economy Minnesota and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy shows that in 2023, a whopping one-third of Minnesota's electricity came from renewable sources like wind and solar power.

When you add in nuclear energy, which is also pollution-free, the share of the state's power coming from zero-carbon sources jumps to an impressive 54% — the highest in the Midwest.

This marks the fourth year in a row that Minnesota has gotten over half of its electricity from clean sources. It's a huge shift from just a decade ago, when most of the state's power came from polluting coal plants.

"Minnesota's clean energy transition leads the Midwest, and the rest of the country is taking notice," said Lisa Jacobson, president of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy.

"Already supplying the state with most of its energy, Minnesota continues to lead on clean energy and energy efficiency deployment, with significant investment happening throughout the state."

So, what does this clean energy transition mean for Minnesotans?

First off, it's great news for anyone who pays an electricity bill. Wind and solar are now the cheapest sources of energy in most of the country, so ramping them up helps keep energy affordable.

But even more importantly, this shift toward clean power is crucial for protecting the health of Minnesota's communities and landscapes. By moving away from dirty pollution, the state is preventing millions of tons of pollution from being dumped into our atmosphere, where it would overheat the planet and drive costly climate disruptions. 

Minnesota is proving that we can power our lives with clean energy while making life better for everyday people. With continued investment and smart policies, the state aims to get 100% of its electricity from carbon-free sources by 2040 — an exciting goal that will help secure a safer, more sustainable future for all. 

"The data released today show the success of public and private sectors working together to grow Minnesota's clean energy economy," boasted Grace Arnold, commissioner of the Department of Commerce.

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