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Jetson ONE, the new 'jetpack' that can fly at the speed of a car, goes on sale next year — and its preorders already total 300 units

Jetson says that it expects to begin deliveries to customers in 2024.

Jetson says that it expects to begin deliveries to customers in 2024.

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A new "jetpack" product called Jetson ONE made its inaugural flight in the United States this week, and the company behind it says that it expects to begin deliveries to customers in 2024. 

The Italy-based company, which has raised $15 million from investors that include musician will.i.am, says that it already has 300 pre-orders placed for the Jetson ONE, which will retail at $98,000. Not a true jetpack, it is somewhat of a hybrid concept of an electric vertical takeoff and landing drone with an open-air seat that accomplishes the effect of wearing a jetpack.

The Jetson ONE can reportedly achieve a top flying speed of 63 miles per hour and an altitude of 1,500 feet. It is powered by eight electric motors, each with its own battery pack, connected to eight propellers. Altogether, that's enough to generate around 20 minutes of flying time before it has to recharge. 

Photo Credit: Jetson

Crucially, its designers have managed to keep the entire thing under 200 pounds, classifying it as an "ultralight" aircraft, which means that it is not subject to the same strict regulations under the Federal Aviation Administration as other types of flying cars that are coming to market. 

That means that Jetson ONE customers will be able to use their new toy without any license, certification, or testing — unlike the important tests and certifications that amateur airplane and helicopter pilots are subjected to.

CEO Stéphan D'haene told Axios that learning to fly a Jetson ONE takes "about five hours," after which the newly christened pilot will use "intuitive joystick controls" to steer "while the flight computer handles the complicated stuff."

The product also comes with a "ballistic parachute" should something go wrong.

"Our mission at Jetson is to democratize flight and make the skies available to everyone," D'haene said.

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