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Induction stoves are safer, especially if you have children — here's why

They are also a healthier choice for your home.

They are also a healthier choice for your home.

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Experts have come to the deduction that cooking with induction is better for you and the environment. Now, many are further saying that it is especially important if you have children. 

What is an induction stove?

An induction cooktop is a special kind of electric stove that uses electromagnetic energy to interact with compatible pots and pans, turning them into their own heat source. As explained by San Jose Clean Energy, a coil under the burner generates a magnetic field, so in order to work,  induction burners do need to sense a magnetic pan like cast iron, steel, or magnetic stainless steel.

Why are they safer for children?

Not only are induction stoves better for the environment since they don't emit harmful gases that contribute to the overheating of our planet, but they are also a healthier choice for your home. 

The "natural gas" put out by most gas burners is mostly methane, which is at least 28 times more powerful at warming Earth than carbon dioxide in the long term. Burning this dirty energy source also releases carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, and nitrogen dioxide — all of which are linked to increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and respiratory illness, at least in some exposure scenarios. 

According to Carbon Switch, nitrogen dioxide is especially harmful to children because of their higher breathing rates and immature lungs. A recent study found that about one in eight children with asthma in the United States have it because of pollution from gas stoves in their homes. 

Health issues aside, the physical science of induction stoves makes them safer for children, too. Because they need something magnetic to heat up, kids can't accidentally turn on a burner without a pan, meaning they can't burn themselves on an exposed flame or hot surface. Even after use, the stove surface is much less of a danger than a conventional one, though at least some care should be taken after using a burner.

How can you get your hands on one? 

If you're sold on this safer choice but aren't quite ready or able to get a new stove or are not quite sold on making the switch but curious, consider a portable induction burner from brands like Duxtop. These provide an easy and affordable solution for you to try out the technology and avoid the dangers of gas stoves.

If you are ready to make the switch to an induction stove, there are — or soon will berebates available through the Inflation Reduction Act to help with the upfront cost. This allows you to clean up your home and the planet while keeping money in your pocket.

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