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Automaker develops first-of-its-kind 'golden' EV battery — could it replace lithium in the EV revolution?

"The packs have passed six strict safety tests, including nail penetration."

“The packs have passed six strict safety tests, including nail penetration."

Photo Credit: Zeekr

Bond, James Bond has driven some pretty awesome cars while escaping from bad guys, but he may have a new favorite getaway ride.

Experts at China's ZEEKR are hoping he likes electric vehicle batteries of the lithium-iron phosphate variety. It at least makes for good messaging as the company rolls out its 007 sedan, which will be its first EV powered by what is being called a "golden" battery — something worth keeping a golden eye on. 

ZEEKR is making its LFP battery in-house, with impressive results. The power pack will provide the 007 with a nearly 311-mile range on a 15-minute charge, per a company news release. What's more, the battery is touted as performing well in winter weather. 

A picture of the power pack published on the ZEEKR website shows a flat, rectangular battery — with a golden color, of course. 

"If you haven't heard of ZEEKR by now, they may be on your radar sooner rather than later," Electrek's Scooter Doll wrote in a story about the 007. It's set to start at under $30,000, per the story. 

The golden battery improves on previous LFP tech with what ZEEKR calls "newly developed materials and simplified structural design." 

As a result, the power pack has better energy density — the amount of energy that can be stored in relation to the battery's mass — than other LFPs, per the company. 

LFP development is big for the EV industry, as the tech uses iron and other common metals during the charge-discharge cycle. Most batteries use expensive materials, including nickel and cobalt. Better LFP tech could provide a cheaper alternative to power EVs, expanding their use as we develop cleaner ways to travel.

What's more, ZEEKR's research and development team was able to achieve high LFP performance without compromising safety, according to the experts. 

"The packs have passed six strict safety tests, including nail penetration," ZEEKR reported in its release. 

ZEEKR started making EVs in 2021, putting more than 180,000 on the road, including the 001, 009, and an urban SUV. The company intends to move into Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere in Asia as part of its growth plan during the next half-decade, all per the release. 

The 007 should be ready for top-secret missions (or a trip to the local grocer) in January, when the automaker plans to start deliveries. The model number and "golden" battery theme will likely be noted by fans of Secret Agent 007. 

"Impressive, though I question naming it after a man whose motto is 'License to kill.' Holy Moly," a reader commented on Electrek's story.

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