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This luxury EV can unlock your car just by seeing your face — how the new Genesis's GV60 uses groundbreaking biometrics

Genesis is expected to be a key player in the future of EVs.

Genesis GV60, Luxury EV

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Genesis, the luxury auto brand, is revealing its new revolutionary technology for electric vehicle (EV) owners, including an innovative facial recognition system for its all-electric GV60 electric SUV.

The automaker recently announced that its GV60 electric SUV can now be operated using cutting-edge biometric technology, as reported by Electrek. 

By introducing an advanced keyless entry system in their latest offering, the GV60 electric SUV, Genesis EVs now incorporate an array of innovative features, including state-of-the-art biometric technology that includes fingerprint authentication. 

By leveraging sophisticated hardware and software for facial recognition, called the Face Connect system, drivers can unlock and start their GV60 without the need for a physical key fob or even a smartphone.

The Face Connect system uses a NIR (near-infrared) camera positioned in the door pillar, along with an advanced deep-learning processing controller, which enables keyless and contactless entry, eliminating the need for any form of physical interaction.

Even more interesting, the system automatically loads the user's profile, including the positioning of the driver's seat, steering wheel, and head-up display.

EVs play a fundamental role in the transition to a green, pollution-free economy.

In the United States, the transportation industry produces close to 30% of all harmful planet-warming pollution, more than any other industry in the country. Air pollution from traditional gas-guzzling vehicles can also be extremely harmful to human health.

Genesis, which is part of Hyundai Motor Group's luxury division, is expected to be a key player in the future of EVs.

Hyundai, for its part, has been making major leaps in EV technology this year. The company recently announced its 2023 Kona SUV, a luxury electric car that gets the equivalent of 134 miles per gallon with its efficient electric engine. Meanwhile, Hyundai has also seen a major boost in the number of EVs customers are leasing from its dealerships.

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