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Company develops remarkable new process for creating stunning light fixtures: 'Traditional manufacturing wasn't for us'

Gantri has created its own plant polymers, a plastic-like substance derived from fermenting non-GMO sugar cane.

Gantri, 3D-printed light fixtures

Photo Credit: @gantri/ Instagram

Gantri is a new lighting fixture company utilizing 3D printing and plant-based materials to showcase stunning pieces with a sustainable twist.

Gantri works with a community of designs to produce unique light fixtures on-demand — offering floor, table, and wall lights. All designs are 3D printed with home fit in mind. The goal of the company is to eliminate as much waste as possible, from initial design to manufacturing to shipping. 

Traditional lighting fixtures are mass-produced, using materials like metals and plastics to make up most of the design. Plastic is made up of many dirty energy sources like oil, gas, and coal. 

From the fracking required to extract these sources from the earth (which is estimated to produce over 13.7 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent pollution per year) to the widespread transportation and manufacturing of the plastics (estimated to produce around 235 million tons of carbon dioxide pollution), the whole process is a drain on the environment.  

Gantri has created its own plant polymers, a plastic-like substance derived from fermenting non-GMO sugar cane. According to Gantri, the material has to meet stringent requirements of durability, impact resistance, and heat tolerance. 

Most interestingly, the company doesn't produce any of its lights until an order is placed. 

"From the beginning, Gantri knew that traditional manufacturing wasn't for us," the Gantri website reads. "It's wasteful, often outsourced overseas, and tends to prioritize quantity over quality. By prioritizing ethical manufacturing and the highest quality materials, we're able to bring new designer lighting straight to your home."

Gantri's latest collection features seven independent designers who receive royalties for their designs. The partnership showcases 20 original designs that are all 100% biodegradable. 

The new designs, along with a variety of table, clamp, floor, and wall lights, are all available on the Gantri website. Gantri ships its beautiful creations across the U.S. and Canada at no cost to consumers.

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