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Boat company unveils new, off-the-grid technology that could change how we travel on water — but for now, it's not cheap

It's the first product of its kind.

New Faro PowerDock, Electric Boat

Photo Credit: Faro Boat

Portuguese company Faro Electric Boats just unveiled an innovation that could change the future of the electric boat industry: the new Faro PowerDock. It is a solar-powered, off-grid electric dock and boat lift that allows boaters to recharge even when they're nowhere near shore.

Though most marinas provide a power source owners can use to recharge their boats, those that require boats to be tied further from land can present a problem.

As the boating industry continues to follow in the footsteps of its automotive counterpart and move more and more toward using clean energy, boat manufacturers are looking for ways to make owning an electric boat more practical. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

The PowerDock has a canopy made of solar panels and can charge its internal battery in eight to 17 hours, depending on the model.  There are also the options of more solar panels and wind turbines, which will shorten the charge time. The PowerDock can charge the Faro5 model in less than three hours.

As of now, the PowerDock only works with the Faro5, but the company will be customizing it to be compatible with nearly all-electric or hybrid boats up to 39 feet long.

This is a huge development in the world of boating. Not only will lessening reliance on gas to power boats decrease the use of dirty energy, but it also means less pollution in the water and the air around it.

Faro says on its website that its mission is to bring "self-renewable boating solutions to the world." The goal is to pursue new solutions to further enjoy the planet without damaging it. 

In addition to being the only boat manufacturer to currently make a clean energy, stand-alone charging dock, Faro also offers the option to make boats out of Cryptomeria wood, which is sustainably produced in the Azores Islands in Portugal.

The PowerDock is the first of its kind and currently sells for roughly $150,000 to $190,000.

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