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New electric Ford truck gives Tesla Cybertruck a run for its money with extended-range battery and heat pump

The Flash will be priced at just under $70,000.

The Flash will be priced at just under $70,000.

Photo Credit: Ford

Ford has announced a new electric truck that rivals Tesla's Cybertruck, complete with extended-range capabilities and a heat pump.

The automaker recently announced the F-150 Lightning Flash, which will debut in 2024 after online orders open in January, according to Ford's website.

The Lightning Flash will have a range of about 320 miles, as estimated by the EPA, and the heat pump will optimize the way that the vehicle uses energy.

The high-tech pickup features a 15.5-inch LCD touchscreen and an advanced eight-speaker-plus-subwoofer sound system, as well as a wireless charging pad for your mobile devices, according to Ford.

Other features include a hands-free driving system, trailer backup assist, scales, a smart hitch, and a power tailgate.

The Flash will be priced at just under $70,000.
Photo Credit: Ford

Major automakers' investments in electric vehicles are a reassuring development as we look to move toward clean energy sources and away from dirty energy sources like petroleum and coal.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, "All-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) typically produce lower tailpipe emissions than conventional vehicles do, and zero tailpipe emissions when running only on electricity."

The Flash will be priced at just under $70,000, which means it's fully eligible for the $7,500 tax credit that the Inflation Reduction Act provides, according to Electrek. In fact, every version of the Ford Lightning is eligible for the tax credit aside from the Platinum model, which exceeds the maximum price of $80,000 that the tax credit outlines.

"The F-150 Lightning Flash is a direct outcome of engaging with and learning from our customers," said Marin Gjaja, the chief operating officer at Ford Model e, on the company website. "This truck combines many of the technology-forward features our customers love in our EV lineup, at a more accessible price. With an EPA-estimated 320 miles of range, the Lightning Flash is another example of the speed at which we are adapting to grow our EV business." 

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