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Innovative cargo tricycle can tow up to 550 pounds: 'It's essentially an all-wheel drive bicycle'

Its "patented moving frame" with an "intelligent suspension system" aids the "seamless handling of road obstacles and off-road types."

Photo Credit: Dolas

Photo Credit: Dolas

A German startup has created an electric cargo trike that may transform the way we cycle — similar to what rollerblades once did for skating.

But just because it's a trike doesn't mean it's shaped in the way that name might bring to mind. Dolas e Bike's innovative tricycle, named the Defender 250, has its three tires placed in an inline formation. Each wheel contains a 250-watt motor, allowing the trike to tow as much as 550 pounds.

"It's essentially an all-wheel drive bicycle," CleanTechnica's Derek Markham detailed in a writeup of the versatile product, noting how cargo trikes are typically designed with two of the wheels parallel either in the front or the back. 

The e-trike also features a color LCD screen on the handlebars, a motor the company says has a "long service life," and an adjustable frame that can turn some of the storage space into a tandem seat — presumably for weekend pleasure rides. 

A great choice for short distances, electric bikes allow people to avoid pollution-generating modes of transportation while simultaneously increasing their ability to explore. And while the upfront cost for e-bikes can be significant, riding one is cheaper than driving a car in the long run.

Most models are able to travel 20 to 50 miles on one battery charge, per eBikes.org, with weight and weather conditions some factors that can influence range.  

Higher-end bikes can go as far as 100 miles, but the Defender 250 boasts a maximum range of approximately 112 miles thanks to its high-efficiency motor, according to the company website, while its "patented moving frame" with an "intelligent suspension system" aids the "seamless handling of road obstacles and off-road types."

While electric bikes first experienced commercial success in the 1990s, data from Statista indicates the overall market for the eco-friendly e-bikes is only increasing. 

For its part, the Berlin-based company, which has been developing its bikes since 2017, believes the Defender 250 is "the future of mobility."

According to its website, sales are set to start soon.

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