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This enormous, 3.5-ton electric van is built to be a powerhouse — and it just set a Guinness World Record

Engaging the car's high-power mode, the 3.5-ton electric van can perform well beyond its official towing weight.

eDaily electric van by IVECO

Photo Credit: IVECO

IVECO is looking to change the way the world sees electric vehicles with its eDaily electric van's record-setting towing capacity. 

The electric light commercial van showed its strength and power by towing over 338,500 pounds, or over 150 tons, and setting a new Guinness World Record in June, as reported by Electrek

Engaging the vehicle's high-power mode, which provides short bursts of energy, the feat proves that the 3.5-ton electric van can perform well beyond its official towing weight of 286,000 pounds, or about 130 tons.

Introduced in September 2022, the eDaily line consists of electric versions of the company's best-selling gas-powered models. The company describes its electric commercial vehicles as having the "same robustness, power, [and] load capacity with zero emissions." 

The eDaily van features as many as three 37 kWh battery packs with an electric motor capable of up to 188 horsepower and 400 Netwon-metres peak torque while offering the same drivability, cargo space, and range as the gas-powered model, according to an IVECO press release.

"Electric means the future, and we want to make electrification accessible to all our customers," said Alessandro Massimino, the head of marketing and product management for IVECO's truck business unit. 

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, IVECO made a name for itself in global transport as a leader in the development and production of commercial and passenger transport vehicles. 

Established in 1975 when five companies across Europe combined their assets, IVECO has since expanded across the world with a solution-driven line of professional transport vehicles. The company has held its place as a leader in the industry by staying at the forefront of vehicle innovation.

The gas-powered Daily and similar cargo vans are often used for package delivery in the UK and abroad. With the growth of convenience companies such as Amazon and the rise of online shopping, the increasing number of delivery vehicles required to meet demand dramatically impacts air quality, especially in large cities. 

According to Scientific American, planet-warming polluting gases from delivery vehicles could grow by 32% if business continues as usual, with worsening traffic congestion adding about 11 more minutes to the daily commute.

IVECO seeks to address part of this problem by offering electric vehicle options that don't require companies to make major changes to their routes and services while saving on maintenance costs. The company supports customers through every aspect of the electric transition with guidance on charging solutions and usage integrated into the consumer experience. 

While the eDaily vehicles are currently only available in the UK, the company's global market has the potential to facilitate increased adoption of electric commercial vehicles around the world.

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