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Study reveals whether dogs prefer gas-powered cars or electric vehicles: '[They] seem to be more relaxed'

The researchers took 20 dogs on a 10-minute trip in each type of car.

Dog and EV

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There are plenty of compelling reasons to make the switch to an electric vehicle — rising gas prices included —  but here's a new one that nobody saw coming. 

Apparently, dogs like them way better.

According to a study commissioned by online car marketplace CarGurus and carried out by the University of Lincoln in England, dogs vastly preferred a trip in an electric vehicle to an equivalent one in a standard fuel-powered car.

The researchers took 20 dogs on a 10-minute trip in each type of car, with a one-hour break in between trips so the dogs could reset, and found that the dogs' heart rates were 30% lower while riding electric vehicles

That should catch the attention of dog owners, as dogs' elevated heart rates in cars are associated with motion sickness.

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In addition, the researchers found that the dogs stood up from their lying positions 50% more often in fuel-powered cars, indicating more agitation and restlessness. They theorized that the smoother ride in the electric vehicles, with less vibration and road noise, accounted for the notable difference.

"Our results clearly show that dogs seem to be more relaxed in electric vehicles," Daniel Mills, the professor of Veterinary Behaviour Medicine who led the study, said, "particularly when looking at behavioral traits such as restlessness." 

Even without knowing that it's the preferred car of dogs, more and more people are making the switch to electric vehicles. Not only do electric vehicles have a significantly lower impact than gas-powered ones in terms of pollution, but they can also save you a lot of money in the long run.

In addition, a recent study showed that the majority of people who had bought an electric vehicle were happy with their purchase. And that was without even asking their dogs how they felt about it.

Chris Knapman, of CarGurus UK, said, "[F]or those who regard the switch to an electric car as a good fit, this study will provide reassurance that it'll suit their dog as equally as well."

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