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Impressive 'optional pack' for Tesla Cybertruck could boost it in EV race: 'Might allow some potential buyers to make the purchase'

"The range extender has the possibility to get better and better over time."

"The range extender has the possibility to get better and better over time."

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Every day, we're learning more and more about the Tesla Cybertruck, including a previously unmentioned range extender that could help the vehicle go for nearly 500 miles without charging. 

One user on X, formerly Twitter, asked Elon Musk about the feature, to which Musk replied that it's an "optional pack that fits in about 1/3 of the truck bed. Still room for plenty of cargo. It's meant for very long trips or towing heavy things up mountains."

Tesla's website says that the extender would push the Cybertruck all-wheel drive's range from 340 to 470-plus miles.

EVs don't produce tailpipe pollution and so they have much less of an impact on the overheating of our planet. As such, many people think they are an integral part of the climate solution.

However, range anxiety is one challenge to increasing EV ownership. Some people are simply afraid of running out of juice before making it to the next charging station. That's why it's important that EVs like the Cybertruck expand their range, and this optional pack is one way to do that.

All the same, the Cybertruck has proved to be a pretty divisive e-truck with some people criticizing the build quality and overall look. Some descriptive words used in one Reddit thread included "hideous" and "embarrassing." 

Others are still pretty enamored by the futuristic-looking ride. A few people in Sacramento's Hollister Hills filmed the Cybertruck, a Ford F-150 Lighting, and a Rivian R1T taking on a steep grade and posted it on X. Tesla fans were pretty impressed with the Cybertruck's performance in the comparison.

Like other aspects of the Cybertruck, the range extender doesn't come without some caveats.

While Tesla hasn't officially announced its cost, Elektrek did a little digging to uncover a $16,000 price tag.

"Being frank here, most owners will not need a 500-mile battery, even if it makes them feel a lot safer," Elektrek said in its story. "But the prospect of being able to add more range at a later time might allow some potential buyers to make the purchase and 'see how it goes' with just 300 miles of range."

The extender is also pretty heavy — Elektrek estimates it weighs in at about 660 pounds or more.

These initial bumps don't seem to bother Tesla enthusiasts, however. Over in the Elektrek comments, one person said, "I like to think into the future. As battery technology improves, the range extender has the possibility to get better and better over time. Either lighter and smaller, or more energy dense."

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