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Tesla app leak reveals new 'Beast Mode' feature of newly released Cybertruck: 'This looks amazing'

It can be charged up to 128 miles in just 15 minutes.

It can be charged up to 128 miles in just 15 minutes.

Photo Credit: @Tesla_App_iOS / X

After numerous delays and complications, Tesla finally delivered its first round of Cybertrucks to customers on Nov. 30.

The delivery event at the company's Austin, Texas, facility was greeted with great fervor by fans, a handful of whom were able to take the machine home.

However, ahead of the electric pickup's much-anticipated release, Electrek spotted some key information that had been leaked by the Tesla App Updates (iOS) (@Tesla_App_iOS) account on X, formerly known as Twitter. 

Among the Cybertruck's features unveiled by Tesla App Updates (iOS) was the "Beast Mode" setting, which company CEO Elon Musk alluded to in an interview with Joe Rogan on the latter's podcast in October. 

The phrase was trademarked by former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch in 2009, according to the Seattle Times, but it's unclear if Tesla has any agreement with Lynch to use it on its products. 

On the Cybertruck, the function is similar to the "Plaid" option on Model S machines, and it is supposed to allow the pickup to produce increased performance. Musk told Rogan it would enable the machine to reach 60 miles per hour from standing in under three seconds, as Autoblog observed.

Meanwhile, the app leak also brought 3D renderings of the "Basecamp" accessory that will be available for Cybertruck owners.

Tesla's website now features details of this product, which is available for $2,975 and brings an inflatable tent that can be added to the truck bed.

Finally, two options for the Cybertruck's wheels were revealed on Tesla's X account, with standard and premium options set to be available.

After months of mystery, Tesla has provided detailed specs of the possibly game-changing model, which is 70.5 inches high, 223.7 inches long, and can carry 2,500 pounds as well as tow 11,000 pounds. It can be charged up to 128 miles in just 15 minutes and allows drivers to travel an estimated 340 miles on a single charge.

It's now clear how much the Cybertruck will cost, with prices on the website starting at $60,990 before incentives and estimated savings — a marked increase from earlier predictions of being available from $39,900

If the Cybertruck lives up to its billing in the real world, it could herald a significant change in the purchasing choices of truck owners.

A high-performance, durable, and powerful truck will surely be enticing, and the fact that it runs on entirely electric power means it will be far cheaper to run and will produce significantly less planet-harming pollution than traditional dirty-fuel options.

"This looks amazing!" said one user on the post, followed by two fire emojis. 

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