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Redditor shares amazing video of one-of-a-kind new passenger train: 'Never thought I'd see the day'

"Just beautiful."

Class 777 Electric Train

Photo Credit: u/HighburyAndIslington / Reddit

A Reddit user has shared a video of the launch of a brand-new electric train, and it's quickly become a popular topic on the platform. 

The video shows a new British Rail Class 777 Stadler Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train departing from Moorfields Station on its first journey to Kirkby in the UK. As the user films the shiny EMU leaving the platform, you can see many passengers on board filming the exciting moment. 

But what makes this new train so special?

The Class 777 is a fully electrified unit with small batteries used for shunting, or moving, trains short distances between depots and platforms. 

Electric trains are much quieter than diesel gas-powered counterparts resulting in quieter rides and a reduced risk of noise and vibration pollution harming local communities and wildlife. 

These new trains will be replacing the 40-year-old Class 507/508 trains, and aside from being electric, they also have more space for passengers while carrying 50% more passengers per train.

EMU trains are now operating on the Merseyrail Northern line service and have been designed with the public in mind, including space for bicycles, more room for wheelchair users, plenty of plug sockets, and digital screens bringing passengers up-to-date information on the trains journey as they travel, Rail Advent reports.

"Designed in consultation with local people, they're some of the most accessible and sophisticated in the entire country," said Liverpool Mayor Steve Rotheram about the new electrified models.

Typically, electric trains create between 20-35% less carbon pollution per passenger mile than a diesel train, which is important when considering the impact that carbon and other planet-overheating gases have on our planet. 

By shifting to more electrified fleets of trains, we are decreasing our reliance on dirty sources of energy and heading towards a net-zero goal. 

Commenters on the video expressed their excitement over the sleek look. 

"Look at that shine," shares one, while another declares the train's appearance as "just beautiful."

"Never thought I'd see the day one of these pulled out of Moorfields with passengers," writes a third. "Good shot!"

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