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Traveler shares 'comfortable' experience aboard one of the world's fastest trains: 'The best mode of transport'

"Make sure you try it out."

"Make sure you try it out."

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Japan is one of the most trending travel destinations in the world. Over 25 million people visited the country in 2023, and bookings increased by more than 1,300% between 2019 and 2023. 

If Japan tops your bucket list, consider bullet trains your most comfortable and eco-friendly way to get around. 

In a viral video, TikToker Tom (@tomdecher) shared his experience with Japan's bullet trains and gave them rave reviews. 

@tomdecher A Guide to Bullet Trains in Japan 🚝🇯🇵#japan #lifeinjapan #travel #traveltiktok #train #shinkansen #traveljapan #visitjapan #bullettrain ♬ original sound - Tom

Bullet trains offer spacious, reclining seating, Wi-Fi, and affordable food and drink options. They travel at speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour and visit all of Japan's tourism hot spots. 

Tom recommended buying a non-reserved seat because it's cheaper, and there's rarely trouble finding a seat since the trains depart about every 10 minutes. Onboard, you'll find smoking rooms with windows to look out and private urinal booths. 

Although the TikToker notes that Japan's bullet trains are a bit pricey, especially when you travel longer distances, ticket costs are very comparable to airline costs for the same locations with many more comforts, plus easier boarding and no long waits in airports. 

There are also significant environmental benefits of train travel because trains produce less air pollution than planes and have greater energy efficiency. A choice of train travel also complements the Central Japan Railway Company's goal of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

Tom ended his video by saying that, in his opinion, "They are the best mode of transport. It's seamless, it's fast, it's comfortable, it's pretty awesome. Make sure you try it out." 

TikTokers were instantly curious to learn more about Japan's bullet trains and experience a ride for themselves. 

"How do you recommend buying tickets? Did you get a pass? Also, do you pre-book or buy at the station?" one user commented, firing off questions. 

Other TikTokers wished other travel destinations besides Japan had bullet trains as options, too. 

"London needs one," a user commented

"That would be sick," the OP replied.

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