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Solar car startup Aptera just announced a major update on its sun-powered car — which gets 40 miles of free energy a day

"People continue to find Aptera's story and they support the mission of solar mobility with their dollars."

Launch Edition | Aptera Motors solar-powered cars

Photo Credit: Aptera

Solar electric vehicle (SEV) startup Aptera Motors has released a new update about its progress toward full-scale production of its Launch Edition vehicle, Electrek reported.

Aptera's video update in early May continued the company's tradition of transparency in its process and finances, Electrek said. Co-founder and Co-CEO Chris Anthony posts progress updates at least once a week to the company's YouTube channel.

In January, the startup hosted a livestream where it unveiled the Launch Edition EV. According to Electrek, the vehicle will be the most aerodynamic on the market, making it more energy efficient to drive. It will have a range of 400 miles on one charge and can draw power from a 120V outlet or a Level 2 charger.

Best of all, the Launch Edition EV will include solar panels built into the roof and hood. These will add 40 miles worth of charge each day, even while the car is in use, Electrek reported. That means owners will be able to drive 40 miles a day for free, and even if they do need to charge up at an outlet, it would still be cheaper than buying fuel

Not only would the SEV save you money in the long run, but it would also create far less pollution than a gas-powered vehicle.

During its January livestream, Aptera also revealed that it needed an additional $50 million of funding to scale up production and start delivering finished vehicles, Electrek said. While the company has purchased some of the equipment it needs to create the body of each vehicle, it has other machinery that it still needs to fund.

To help with these costs, Aptera announced its Accelerator Program. This deal lets participants sign up to be one of the first Aptera Launch Edition owners in exchange for helping to crowdfund the next nine months of preparation and production.

Electrek reported that Aptera has raised $14 million through the Accelerator Program as of the update video in early May. It has over 1,000 slots left for contributors, and it is also looking for other potential sources of funding.

"We continue to raise money," Anthony says in the update video. "People continue to find Aptera's story and they support the mission of solar mobility with their dollars, with their reservations for the vehicles, with investment and it's amazing to see that our story continues, even with the tumultuous times, to be a great one."

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