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These portable solar panels could make your next summer vacation a whole lot easier: 'That's enough to sustain most RVs'

For campers, road trippers, and digital nomads, this means your RV can go anywhere you can drive.

Portable solar panels from Anker

Photo Credit: @ankerpowerofficial/ TikTok

In a recent TikTik video, charging technology company Anker has announced its release of a line of portable solar panels ideal for an RV.

For weekend vacations or a full-time on-the-road lifestyle, nothing beats an RV. It combines the comfort and convenience of a small home with all the mobility of a car. 

But many RV features such as lighting, hot water, and climate control depend on electricity. In the past, this has limited RV destinations to locations with a power hookup. 

As solar panels have become more advanced, travel options have opened up — and Anker's new panels are designed to provide more independence than ever before.

In the video from @ankerpowerofficial, a representative demonstrates the convenient solar panels. When folded, they're the size of a large briefcase, making them easy to move. And unlike some models, they're usable in any weather. 

"One reason I'm so excited about these is because they are waterproof," says the rep in the video. "Having to constantly put up the panels can get old. These, you can just leave them out."

@ankerpowerofficial Unboxing the new Anker 200W solar panels. ✅ Compact ✅ Waterproof ✅ Connect 5 for 1000W of solar input 1000W of solar power recharges the PowerHouse 767 in just 2.4 hours. What could you do with this amount of power? #ankerpowerhouse #solarenergy #solarpanel #rvers #drycamping #offgrid #offgridliving #rvlife #rvliving #buslife #vanlife #homepower #backuppower ♬ original sound - AnkerPowerOfficial

Each panel provides 200 watts of power, and you can hook up to five at a time to their PowerHouse 767 battery. 

"That's 1,000 watts! That's enough to sustain most RVs, especially if they're not running AC."

For campers, road trippers, and digital nomads, this means your RV can go anywhere you can drive without having to worry about running out of power and without paying a premium to charge. Whether you love the woods, the mountains, canyons, or the open plain, this change means freedom to explore. 

Not to mention that more solar panels and less reliance on the main power grid means less need for gas- and coal-powered electrical plants. These types of fuels cause pollution that contributes to our planet's rising temperatures. 

More people switching to solar means all those beautiful natural settings will stay safer and cleaner.

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