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Startup plans to revolutionize home heating with 'Spotify of heat pumps' business model: 'It's a confidence guarantee'

"It should not be a very big capital investment; it should be an accessible service."

"It should not be a very big capital investment; it should be an accessible service."

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A Swedish company is planning to make money-saving home-heating technology more accessible in the United Kingdom, with its revolutionary business model earning it the "Spotify of heat pumps" moniker. 

The Guardian's Jillian Ambrose reported Dec. 27 that Aira, which specializes in clean energy, intends to provide a monthly subscription service that includes installation and servicing. 

"We're providing a hassle-free, one-stop shop experience. It's a confidence guarantee. If the heat pump doesn't work, or if you need to repair or maintain it, it's on us," Aira chief executive Martin Lewerth told the outlet.

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In December, the U.K. government supported a proposal that would standardize the presence of heat pumps in new homes starting in 2025, but as detailed by The Guardian, there have been "nagging concerns" about the technology, including its affordability and reliability. 

"The number one hurdle for many consumers is the high upfront costs of buying and installing a heat pump. So we're removing that," Lewerth said, adding that Scandinavia — known for its cold winters — has had success with the adoption of heat pumps.  

Aira's program comes with a 10-year service guarantee, and the contract is transferable if a house changes ownership. 

In order to reduce harmful pollution from home heating, the U.K. government — along with other countries, including the United States — has been passing incentives to support the installation of heat pumps, which save people hundreds of dollars on electric bills annually. 

The development of micro heat pumps has also helped consumers reap the benefits of the tech at a lower cost. According to the International Energy Agency, heat pumps are at least three times more efficient than boilers that run on dirty energy

In the U.K., gas boilers are responsible for roughly 16% of planet-warming pollution, per The Guardian, and the amount of energy used for heating is not an outlier in much of Europe and the U.S.

The IEA estimates that the "accelerated deployment" of heat pumps globally could reduce carbon pollution by around 500 million tons by 2030.

"We think this is how it becomes accessible to the many. It should not be a very big capital investment; it should be an accessible service," Aira UK CEO Daniel Särefjord told The Yorkshire Post, as reported by MSN. 

"Given [that heating] is one of the biggest bills a household will have, the fact you can save money and save 75% of your emissions, it is a double win," he added.

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