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Athlete reveals disgusting result after wiping down equipment with vinegar: 'Clean your yoga mat right now'

"I feel we should have the utmost respect for our mat which enables us to do such a wonderful wholesome practice!"

Hack for cleaning yoga mat

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One Redditor made the unappealing discovery that their yoga mat had been secretly hiding built-up sweat and dirt. Understandably, they advised their fellow Redditors, "Clean your yoga mat right now," and left budget-friendly instructions on how to do it. 

The scoop 

The post showed a photo of a white towel covered in dirt and sweat from the yoga mat.

The Reddit user described spraying water, vinegar, and an optional essential oil — lemongrass, peppermint, or tea tree — on the mat and then wiping it with a towel. 

Photo Credit: u/SackOfFlesh / Reddit

If you're interested in making the mixture yourself, check out this recipe. All it requires is the ingredients and a spray bottle. You might be surprised by what you find when you try it. 

"I seriously thought my mat was clean before washing it and nothing was going to happen. Ew," the Redditor wrote. 

How it's helping 

This hack is a great, budget-friendly way to make sure your yoga mat stays clean. Instead of spending money on expensive cleaners, you can find all of these ingredients right in your house and whip it up in just a minute or two. 

Plus, store-bought cleaners often have chemicals in them that are harmful to you and the environment. They can pollute the air — inside your house and out — and some cleaners may be tracked into nature on your clothes or shoes, where they can hurt wildlife and potentially even humans by contaminating the local water supply. 

This Redditor's DIY cheap cleaner isn't the only one of its kind. There are many all-natural solutions to clean different areas of your home. For example, this TikToker made a DIY glass cleaner, and this Airbnb cleaner created her own furniture polish. 

What everyone's saying 

Commenters on the post were happy to support the idea, adding their beliefs about how important it is to keep your yoga mat clean. 

"Kudos! I just washed my mat yesterday … I feel we should have the utmost respect for our mat which enables us to do such a wonderful wholesome practice!" said one. 

Another echoed the sentiment. "Saucha," they wrote, which is a term that refers to the cleanliness of the body, mind, and spirit. "Clean it after every use."

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