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Homeowner livid after neighbor calls code compliance years into lawn renovation: 'I am done being friendly'

"Three weeks ago I get a letter in the mail letting me know that I was in violation of town code."

“Three weeks ago I get a letter in the mail letting me know that I was in violation of town code.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

One nature-loving homeowner decided to turn their efforts up to 11 after a nosy neighbor tried to put the brakes on their yard rewilding project.

"Rewilding" — or replacing non-native lawns with healthy, diverse native plants that are easy to care for and benefit the environment — is gaining momentum among homeowners looking for low-maintenance lawn alternatives. Native plants need little to no extra water or fertilizer; they thrive in the natural conditions in their area, and in turn, they benefit the wildlife and even the very soil they grow in.

"The first year we tore out the turf that was there previously and straight planted crimson clover to begin repairing the soil biome," this Redditor said of their yard rewilding project. "For the second year site preparation I torched as many weeds and invasives as I could before selectively tarping the ground to solarize. I then planted a seed mix from a local boutique seed company that was 100% native to the area."

Photo Credit: u/westofblue / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/westofblue / Reddit

While reactions to the red clover were positive, the evolving native plant mix didn't get the same reception, the Redditor claimed. "Three weeks ago I get a letter in the mail letting me know that I was in violation of town code," they said.

But this Redditor wasn't ready to go back to turf and instead invited the code inspector out for a tour so they could explain the project. After learning about the native plants that were chosen on purpose and beneficial to pollinators, the inspector approved the yard design — and also encouraged the original poster to start a native yard program with the town council!

"I have my suspicions on which neighbor called code compliance on me," said the Redditor. "I am trying very hard not to be petty, but I left my side yard as turf in order to appease their need for a green carpet. However, I am done being friendly, and am more than happy to convert that part of my yard this fall!"

The Redditor shared pictures of their wildflowers and clover, as well as the bees visiting them and even an adorable salamander.

"Beautiful!" one commenter said. "Great to hear that the code compliance person was into it too. I'll never understand the people who feel the need to demand that everyone have the most sterile patch of grass possible."

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