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Pet owner shares amazing hack for 'refreshing' your dog's chew toys: 'I had no idea you could do this'

"This is so clever!"

Wool dog toys

Photo Credit: @frill.petandhome and @kovu_theridgeback / Instagram

If your dog's wool toys are looking matted and worn out, don't throw them away — just throw them in the wash.

Wool dog toys are popular among owners who want an all-natural alternative to plastic and other synthetic materials. Just like any toy, they can't stand up to a dog's teeth forever. But unlike plastic toys, some of that damage can be repaired. 

Handmade pet supply company Frill (@frill.petandhome) teamed up with Kovu the Rhodesian Ridgeback (@kovu_theridgeback) to share this tip in a recent Instagram video.

The video shows before and after shots of a wool dog bone. In the first shot, the bone is frayed and squashed, but in the second, it's once again fluffy and ready to be played with. 

"Wool toys seen better days?" the caption asks. "Machine washing at a high temp will refresh them." 

This tip is just one of the many reasons to choose wool toys for your dog. The material is natural and safe for pets to chew on, according to Michelle of Outdoor Dog Fun. Because it's so soft, it won't damage your dog's teeth or gums even if they chew aggressively. And because the toys can be washed and reused, you won't have to replace them often, so they're a smart investment. 

Wool is also a good choice for the environment. Plastic and synthetic fabrics are made from oil, which can pollute the air, water, and soil, while wool is a natural fiber from sheep that is safely, harmlessly collected by farmers each year. Once a wool toy reaches the end of its lifespan, it will break down naturally instead of staying in a landfill for decades like plastic.

Commenters were pleased to discover a way to get even more use out of their dog toys. 

"Great top tip! I had no idea you could do this," says one commenter. Another agrees, saying, "This is so clever!"

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