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Storm chaser shares crucial information every homeowner should know before hard freeze: 'We'd never thought about it'

"It's all a learning experience!"

"It's all a learning experience!"

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As cold fronts sweep the nation, homeowners are wise to batten down the hatches.

Professional storm chaser Edgar O'Neal (@edgarthestormchaser), who has over 270,000 TikTok followers, recently posted a video outlining some budget-friendly tips you can use to winterize your home against pipe bursts and other freeze-related damages.

The scoop

"Since most of the United States is going to be experiencing a very hard freeze, and a lot of areas are not used to that, I want to give you guys a few tips on what to do to prepare your house," O'Neal said.

His simple, actionable advice includes dripping faucets, opening cabinets, insulating outdoor spigots, and more.

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O'Neal suggests starting by dripping both cold and warm water from taps. "Make sure you have your faucet dripped on any bathroom that is facing an exterior wall," he advised. The constant flow of water makes it more difficult for pipes to freeze. 

O'Neal also recommends opening the doors under sinks along outside walls so warmer air can circulate.

Next, the storm chaser suggests picking up some foam pipe insulation from your local hardware store to wrap outdoor hose bibs and spigots. Insulation protects them from the elements. Unhook any hoses, too, so lingering water doesn't freeze inside and cause cracks.

For those with sprinklers or water heaters in uninsulated spots like garages, O'Neal proposes a clever hack to add extra warmth: "I put a traditional light bulb in there that'll keep it very warm."

Finally, locate your main water shutoff valve ahead of time in case quick pipe repair is needed during a freeze.

How it's helping

O'Neal's practical guidance helps both seasoned and new homeowners protect against burst pipes, flooded basements, costly repairs, and even water service interruptions.

Implementing these handy heating and insulation hacks now could save you time, money, and frustration later, should bitterly cold temperatures hit your area.

Many of his tips also conserve water if pipes do rupture, thanks to quicker shutoff response times. Plus, dripping faucets in advance decreases wasted water from leaks triggered by freezes.

What everyone's saying

The storm chaser's fans appreciate his actionable advice.

"Thank u! I'm a new homeowner and it's all a learning experience!" one user commented.

Others echoed the usefulness of the specifics. "No one ever mentions the fridge water line!" another user replied. "Ours froze and we'd never thought about it!"

Some followers cracked jokes, like the user who wrote, "Idk why I watched this whole video… I live in Hawaiʻi."

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