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TikToker shares before-and-after photos of homeowner's 'fantastic' yard transformation: 'This is how we do it!'

"That's how we do it!"

Video of backyard wildlife sanctuary

Photo Credit: @homegrownnationalpark / Tiktok

In a video quickly gaining buzz, TikToker Doug (@homegrownnationalpark) excitedly shows off an amazing yard transformation done by Jimmy Tucker in Tennessee. 

The user talks over images of Jimmy's yard, which he turned into a beautiful native plant wildlife sanctuary that has brought with it "a huge return of wildlife." 

@homegrownnationalpark From lawn to wildlife sanctuary in 2 years! 💚 Thank you, Jimmy, for sharing your y̶a̶r̶d̶ habitat with us. JIMMY'S TENNESSEE RESOURCES - Landscape Design: Mergoat Land Design & Restoration Area Nurseries: - Tennessee Naturescapes - Overhill Gardens Helpful Groups: - Wild Ones,Tennessee Valley Chapter - Wild Ones Appalachian Highlands #homegrownnationalpark #nativeplanttok #wildlifesanctuary #wildlifeconservation #tennessee #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Homegrown National Park

The user says, "Jimmy's goal was to make a habitat that was wild but presentable" so his neighbors wouldn't be turned off by it. He then says that "the response to his habitat by his neighbors has actually been so positive that some of them are starting to grow their own native plants." 

Jimmy, who the video touts as being a "true nature influencer," is reported as saying that the best advice he has for anyone interested is to "just get started." 

The user ends the video by saying, "We can all do this. We can all make our own wildlife sanctuaries in our yards and patios just by adding native plants." 

Native gardening and native plant wildlife gardens like Jimmy's have become more and more popular as people look for ways to help save bees and butterflies and replace lawns and other landscaping with beautiful gardens that require fewer pesticides and less water.

Native plants occur naturally in a specific region and have evolved without the help of humans. These plants also coevolve with the wildlife of the region, and the two have a mutualistic relationship. Native plants naturally attract local wildlife, birds, and insects, who in turn pollinate the plant — a wild win-win for both. 

According to the Audubon Society, native gardens provide many other benefits, as well, like preventing erosion, reducing air pollution, providing biodiversity, and supporting local ecosystems

Some Earth-loving homeowners are even getting their native gardens certified in order to get around strict rules imposed by their homeowners' associations. 

Whether you have a full yard or room for just a few pots, as stated in the video, anyone can make a wildlife sanctuary. Just use a native plant finder and do what you can. 

People in the comments were understandably excited, with one viewer exclaiming, "That's how we do it!" 

Another echoed their support, writing, "I'm with Jim!"

"This is so fantastic!! Life goals!!" said another.

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