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Redditor sparks excitement after sharing photos of their 'incredible' deodorant subscription service

"The perfect formula."

Wild Natural deodorant refill

Photo Credit: Redditor letsgetatter

Redditor letsgetatter missed stick deodorants, so they found a sustainable stand-in: Wild's refillable subscription deodorant program.

"Seriously Wild is incredible. Missed [using] deodorant stick[s] and use the paper refills as campfire starters! (not an ad, just love it)," they wrote.

Wild is a deodorant subscription service aimed at reducing your carbon footprint while keeping you stocked with healthier-for-your-pits clean ingredient natural deodorant. 

How it works

To sign up for Wild, you first choose your refillable case color. They come in several different colors including gold, pink, a limited-edition mirrored case, and a retro swirl design, among others. 

Then, you pick your scents. There are some unusual options such as a seasonal apple and cinnamon, pomegranate and pink peppercorn, as well as some standard scents such as coconut and vanilla, and sandalwood-patchouli.

Next up, you pick your subscription frequency. The first delivery includes your refillable case; subsequent deliveries come in recyclable cardboard containers so you don't have to use up giant plastic tubes every time you need to replace your deodorant. You can also order a single item with no recurring subscription if you want to try it first.

All of the formulas are clean and vegan, and Wild also offers sensitive options that come without baking soda.

"We've taken the utmost care to combine premium ingredients to create the perfect formula for your underarms so you can be sure that you'll smell amazing whatever life throws at you," reads the company website.  

The program is great if you're constantly forgetting to buy deodorant or frequently run out. You can also add smaller eco options to take with you to the gym or work. 

It's also fairly affordable, too, with a single deodorant costing $13.50. This includes the refillable case that's designed to last indefinitely.

Eco-conscious consumers will love that there's no plastic and that the refill containers are completely made from cardboard. 

One Redditor says they've been contemplating Wild for a while. "I love stick deodorants and they have all disappeared from stores near me, it sucks." 

Another asks the poster what they do with the bit of deodorant that's left at the end. Letsgetatter answers, saying, "Just take a spoon and scoop it onto the new one."

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