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Shopper dumbfounded after discovering date etched on thrift store purchase: 'What a sign from the universe'

"Seems like a good omen!"

"Seems like a good omen!"

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The aisles of your local thrift store are not the most likely place for a spooky coincidence, but that's what one shopper found. This once-in-a-lifetime find honors a special anniversary for the poster.

A Redditor posted a photo in the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit of a plate they had found while thrift shopping. The plate is off-white with gilded lettering showing a couple's names and their wedding date of January 20, 1924. 

The photo's caption reads, "My wedding will be on January 20, 2024. Today at the thrift store, I found a commemorative anniversary plate for a couple who got married 100 years ago to the day: January 20, 1924. Seems like a good omen, so of course it came home with me!"

"Seems like a good omen!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The average shopper is unlikely to have such a serendipitous experience, but thrifting can still be exciting. Firstly it's a money-saver: Most people can save nearly $100 on clothes in a year by shopping second hand. 

Thrifting also helps keep textiles out of landfills, according to a Boston University report, Americans throw away 34 billion pounds of clothing a year. Textile waste is a huge issue worldwide, though some companies are working to help create more ways to recycle textiles

The thrifting market is a growing movement. ThredUP's 2023 resale report noted that the secondhand market will double by 2027 to a projected $350 billion, reflecting an increased consumer commitment to sustainable fashion and secondhand goods.

Thrifting also allows you to find gems like this special plate, as well as other rare items. One person found an Ansel Adams photograph, while another came across a rare Bob Dylan record

The comments on this post are particularly interesting, with one Redditor even doing some research to tell the original poster about the couple from 100 years ago. "If this is the right couple, it looks like Benjamin 'Bennie,' and his wife, Antionetta 'Tinna' Manno lived in NJ their whole life."

Another commenter said, "So sweet! Good omen indeed. Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding!"

"What a sign from the universe!!!" someone else wrote

Several other people chimed in about how January 20 has been a lucky wedding or birthday for themselves. Best of luck to the newlyweds!

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