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Gardener warns against common watering mistake that could be slowly killing your plants: 'The more you know, the more you'll grow'

"So this is why I kill all my plants!"

"So this is why I kill all my plants!”

Photo Credit: @jacklyn_allgayer / Instagram

A gardener is showing Instagram users that watering plants requires a bit more attention to detail than most people think. 

Gardening can be extremely rewarding in many ways. But there are some things new and aspiring gardeners need to know, especially when it comes to properly watering plants.

The scoop

Jacklyn Allgayer (@jacklyn_allgayer), who describes herself as a "home container gardener," tells viewers of her Reel that "just because you're watering doesn't necessarily mean the plant is getting water." 

Allgayer begins by explaining how simply spraying water all over the plants isn't always effective, since the water may take the path of least resistance to the bottom of the container and not hit the roots of the plants.

She begins by watering some plants from a distance, saying, "It looks like I'm doing a heck of a job watering, right?"

But the water passes through just some parts of the soil, leaving the important areas dry.

"We combat this by watering more slowly and gently and giving the water time to absorb into the soil," Allgayer adds as she presses the hose sprayer against the soil right beside the plant.

"Check out the beauty of that absorption," she expresses, concluding with the phrase, "The more you know, the more you'll grow."

How it's helping

Gardening can be a fantastic way for property owners to save money while also helping the environment and increasing biodiversity. 

For one, having a garden in your yard is generally much better than a traditional lawn. 

Gardens that thrive with native plants require much less water than the human-induced grasses homeowners have been using for many years. This saves us money on our water bill while reducing water depletion in areas that are prone to droughts and vulnerable to water scarcity.

Gardens can also be used to grow our own food, which is also an excellent way to save on our monthly food shopping bill. 

According to Investopedia, "one pound of organic tomatoes from Whole Foods costs, as of July 2021, $2.99, but a package of organic, heirloom tomato seeds can yield multiple tomato plants over time, costs $3.99."  

For more perspective, it's good to know that "one tomato plant may equal 10lbs to 30lbs of tomatoes."

What people are saying

"Ahhh so this is why I kill all my plants!" one person admitted, to which Jacklyn replied, "I killed all of mine when I started too. I believe in you!!" 

"Too dry soil has low moisture holding capacity (runs straight thru)," another commenter added, highlighting the importance of making sure plants are watered correctly. 

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