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Resident baffled after learning why local park has to water its artificial grass: '[It now takes more water] than having real grass'

So much for "low maintenance."

So much for “low maintenance.”

Photo Credit: u/memecollect0r / Reddit

Lush, green lawns are a pervasive issue in the environmental world because of the sheer amount of water designated to maintain them. As a result, many folks have taken up artificial turf – but the water woes have not entirely dissipated. 

One Redditor is showing how, at first glance, their local park is wasting water on artificial turf. The photo shared on the r/MildlyInfuriating forum showed a photo of a sprinkler head watering "fake grass."

This Redditor isn't the only one discouraged by how wasteful it can be to water something that doesn't need to be watered. One homeowner called out their HOA after a photo surfaced of a sprinkler head watering a lake twice a day.

To combat water-hungry lawns, many folks have reverted to growing gardens or rewilding their spaces with native plants. But for athletic fields that need to have grass, artificial turf can be a cheap alternative that doesn't require regular mowing and upkeep. But that doesn't mean that the artificial turf is zero maintenance; it actually has to be watered regularly to maintain its condition.

Commenters were quick to note that watering the fake grass may actually have a purpose. One user shared that when the temperature gets too hot, it can inflict burns on folks walking or playing on it. 

Another user commented on the thread, noting that their school district converted from grass to artificial turf, but after several football players reported burns, "[It now takes] more water to cool the artificial grass than having real grass." 

Other users shared that watering the artificial grass helps wash away pet excretions. "It gets gross when it's not washed," one user noted. Several outlets have suggested that artificial turf owners decontaminate their turf with a chemical cleaner and spray it down regularly. So much for "low maintenance."

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